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Top organizations and savvy individuals that want to distinguish themselves in today’s competitive world must strive to constantly communicate with competence and clarity.

Esta Lauren Resources offers training programmes that help individuals – professionals, executives, and leaders at various spheres – acquire practical tools that will enhance their overall communication skills.

Benefits of our Courses to Organizations and Individuals

Our courses are designed to equip participants with the requisite skills to:

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We ensure that our programmes achieve set objectives and help you gain maximum value on your training investment. Contact us for more information about how we can customize any of our programmes for you or your organization.

Esther Omodiagbe

Lead Consultant

Esther Omodiagbe is a seasoned speech coach and corporate trainer with extensive experience in Effective Communication Skills training. She has handled Effective Communication Skills, Effective Business Writing, Public Speaking and Elocution programmes in leading organizations over the past ten years.

Through the crucible of her personal and work experience, Esther has acquired vital skills which have equipped her to help scores of individuals enhance their communicative competence.

She has a first degree in Mass Communication and has undergone various programmes in Effective Communication, Elocution and Presentation Skills.

Our Clients

 Office of the Auditor General, Lagos State

 Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry
AB Chartis
De Beautiful Beginning School
PKF Professional Services
Nicole Sinclair Consulting
DCP International School
Pearl Gardens School
 Office of the Chief of Staff, Lagos State
Tranter IT Infrastructure Services
Support Link Technologies Limited
Cedars World Nursery and Primary School