4 Ps for Building Effective Speaking Skills

We sometimes have false assumptions that some people are endowed with special powers that we do not have.

For instance, some people have told me that they do not speak effectively because they are not naturally gifted to speak well. Now, this is an assumption that can hinder our taking deliberate steps to build effective speaking skills.

Effective speakers are not born, they are made. Speaking effectively is not a special gift that is bestowed on some select few; it is built through deliberate effort.

There is no such thing as presentation talent, it is called presentation skills.

                                                 – David JP Phillips

To build effective speaking skills, you need these 4 Ps:


If you are passionate about improving your ability to speak effectively, then you have a great shot at it. Your passion will give you the motivation to keep learning and refining your skills until you become a competent speaker.


Passion alone will not magically translate to effective speaking skills. Building any skill takes a process of consistent pursuit. You will need to engage in self-study or seek professional help if you are truly passionate about building your speaking skills.



All great speakers were bad speakers at first.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


Do not let your apparent lack of skills at the moment deter you. Aggressively seek opportunities to practise your speaking skills. Remember, effective speakers are not born. People become effective speakers through training and practice.



Persistence is an essential quality for building effective speaking skills. Make up your mind to persist through every mistake and discouragement. According to Vince Lombardi, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

Do you really want to build effective speaking skills?

You need to have these four P’s in mind. As with the cultivation of any skill, building effective speaking skills is a marathon, not a sprint. Give yourself the opportunities to make mistakes, learn from your mistakes and improve over time.