Grammar Masterclass May 2022

Do you struggle with English grammar when you speak and write as a professional or business person?


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In this highly practical online programme, you will get in-depth information on the fundamentals of English grammar that will help you to easily identify and avoid common errors when you speak or write.


Key Benefits

In this training, you will learn quick and easy rules that would enable you to:

  • Express yourself confidently
  • Overcome the fear of making grammar mistakes
  • Communicate clearly and correctly
  • Create strong and positive impressions about yourself every time you speak or write

Target Audience

This training is designed for:

  • Professionals and business people who desire to speak and write with confidence
  • Individuals who avoid speaking in public because of the fear of making mistakes
  • Individuals who want to put a final stop to the fear of making common grammar errors
  • Professionals and business people who simply want to refresh their knowledge of the fundamentals of English grammar

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